Naturally Reared

What this means to you:

With the description below you will gain some insight into how our dogs are raised. This year 2019, will be the 4th and 5th generation of dogs being raised in this clean fashion.  Research shows that by the 3rd generation of natural reared dogs and cats are starting to live longer with less degenerative disease that are affecting dogs and cats -- just as bad diets are affecting humans today. This means to you potentially less vet visits, less cost and less heartache, and a happy healthy dog.

Our dogs are raised on real, whole, human grade  RAW food and supplements.  We also use a modified vaccine protocol and natural products for flea control, and herbs, homeopathy and vitamins to ward off sickness.  Not being an absolute "purist", we will use drugs if there are no other good options that will work well and quickly. Then we will follow up with natural support supplements to bring the body back into balance. Our dogs are family and we are dedicated to them and will do what is necessary to keep them well and happy.


My first introduction to Aussies was from my father who grew up on a huge farm and herding livestock was a part of every day life.  I grew up hearing stories of the amazing things his Aussie "Beans" could do.  Even more incredible was how smart he was.  He was trained to run 4-5 miles down the road to the butcher shop (the butcher was called ahead of time and told the order). The order would be double wrapped given to Beans and he would run home with it...even ignoring other dogs who were interested in what he had!

When I had the chance as a young adult, to rescue my first Aussie in the late 80's, I jumped at the opportunity and have never looked back.  I can not imagine a better dog as a sidekick for life's adventures.  It was not until many years later that I did research for months and found a great girl to start Harvest Moon Aussies.


The other interest I acquired from my father was a keen interest in holistic medicine.  He was a great believer that we were made to live and thrive.  To do  that we need only be aware that nutritious food and vitamins are what we require and these are plentiful. As human beings we are not deficient in drugs, maybe in good food and vitamins, but not drugs.  Our dependency on drugs has led us away from a more holistic diet and away from what had been common knowledge in the use of plants and herbs that heal.  He was ahead of his time and taught me to think outside the box and challenge my own and others  ways of thinking, certainly if that thought process was tainted by the desire for profit.

So I was a farm girl who learned to appreciate what nature had to offer and utilize that to achieve good health and clear thinking.

Harvest Moon as a name for our Aussie endeavor, seemed a natural evolution of our lifestyle and beliefs.  Our dogs are a rich bounty to us and our lives. The desire to harvest the fruits of the land and thrive off of them, along with our philosophy seemed apt reason for our naming.

I hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful dogs and consider us if you like our philosophy, for a puppy.

Ch. Harvest Moon's Junior Prince
A certified therapy dog, CGC, service dog & sire of service dogs.

Ch. Harvest Moon's Junior Prince

A certified therapy dog, CGC, service dog & sire of service dogs.